Happy New Year

Posted by Aaron 'Kekule' VanTassle on

Happy New year, I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday!  The store is now reopened for orders, with a few caveats: 1)  I still cant ship to the UK, I'm working on a solution but its going to take some time 2) USPS suspended shipments to Australia in September and still has not begin accepting them yet Once Australia is off of this list (  I can start shipping there again. Lets hope for a great year!   Aaron (Kekule)

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New storefront

Posted by Aaron VanTassle on

I had far too many problems with my last storefront and had to move again.  You will have to re-register to be able to purchase.   All sales to the UK are halted as of right now because of the the new VAT changes effective on Jan 1, 2021, I am looking for other alternatives.     Thank you all for your continued support, HDMI presales should open on the 4th of January

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