Relay for internal OGX360 install

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Have you ever thought of installing your OGX360 internally to to your xbox?

Well, thanks to the fantastic work done by TK Custom Super Modsz now you can!

Tony, from TK Custom Super Modz has done an amazing job designing a full schematic for the internal install of the OGX360. His design allows for switching between the OGX360 and controller ports, adding Xerc 2 support, and as an added bonus he includes the diagram for installing an AWESOME RGB-LED mod to your Xbox.

These are the 5v relays he uses to switch the power for the OGX360 channels. You will need 4 of these relays for the OGX360 (plus one additional if you plan to install the Xerc 2 mod with it) and a switch to select between the controller inputs.

Using the TK Custom Super Modz schematic you can build many configurations for your custom Xbox.